Friday, 1 February 2013

Project 365... an illustration a day

Here is an update for Project 365, which I have been doing since the start of this year. It features at least one illustration, for each day of the year. So here is 26th Jan 2013...

It's been a long wait but the Alley Girls book is now in progress! You might remember that I posted some rough designs for these characters some time ago. Here is one of the new characters fully coloured!

And here is a sneaky peek at my designs for different eye shapes for the girls. Can you guess who is who?

This cool dude was a commission I finished on 27th Jan 2013.... He was quickly sketched out some time ago and featured as one of my daily illustrations, do you remember? He's now been finished in Adobe Illustrator!

28th Jan 2013... The next illustration is a simple vector graphic for a client. It too was created in Illustrator.

And yet another vector illustration for a client on this day too! 29th Jan 2013.

While drawing this image I was forced to look at the way I sit at a computer and my posture, I must say I look very similar to the guy below, except I don't wear a tie!

30th Jan 2013...

These 3 faces are quick sketches of some new characters for a client. Hopefully you'll be seeing more of these in the future!

31st Jan 2013...

And here is the first chapter illustrations for ST VIPERS SCHOOL FOR SUPER VILLAINS - due for release later this year. You can head on over to The Viper's blog here to keep up to date with the book's progress!

Here is the illustration for the 1st of Feb, 2012. It is a snapshot from a bigger picture...

And as for today, 2nd Feb 2013, I'm pleased to announce that Timmy's book was finally finished! Here is one page for you, but I will be sure to let you know when the book is out for sale so you can see the rest!

Also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my nephew who is 3 today. 

Thanks for looking!