Monday, 25 March 2013

Kings, Jalebi and spiders!

It's good to be busy! 
Here is some of what I have been up to in the past week or so. 

Each one is labelled with the date I worked on it, long live Project 365! Almost 3 months in and still going strong.

Sunday the 17th March 2013

This cute king is part of a fun new project involving cubes. I'll make sure to let you see the final result once they become 3D!

Monday the 18th March 2013

Still working on these guys! Another character to join the king; this time an angry knight.

Tuesday the 19th March 2013

What would you do if apples and oranges suddenly sprouted from your nose and ears?

Wednesday the 20th March 2013
This was a character sketch for a potential client.

Thursday the 21st March 2013

More sketches on this day...

Friday the 22nd March 2013
Who loves Jalebi? I know I do! And so do these kids...

Saturday the 23rd March 2013

I drew this little fella for 'Offend my eyes' clothing company, and it featured on last saturday's tutorial post!

Sunday the 24th March 2013

This happy chap is Harry! You may recognise him from some of his sketches, well here he is in full colour glory.

Monday the 25th March 2013

Even more Jalebi!

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