Friday, 26 April 2013

Dogs, bananas and wait... is that 3D?

Time has just flown by and before I knew it, I'd missed last week's blog post! 

I'm going to have to make up for it with another tutorial next week, but in the meantime, here is what I have been up to. Long live project 365!

14th April 2013

Halfway through...

15th April 2013

Phew! Smelly!

16th April 2013

You'll have to wait and see for the full picture!

17th April 2013

It's Meddy Teddy again! 

18th April 2013

More sketches for London's adventures! Check out the official website here!

19th April 2013

20th April 2013

Only a little sneak peek of this one!

21st April 2013

Who likes bananas?

22nd April 2013

Who likes mangoes? These kids do!

23rd April 2013

24th April 2013

25th April 2013

In the rough stage...

26th April 2013

This gentle giant is Brussels the dog! Have you heard of him? 

Thanks for looking! 

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Printed books and Project 365...

This week I thought I'd share with you some of my more recently published work. It's nice to spend a lot of time working on a project and then finally have the finished result in your hands to share and keep!

Here is my nephew enjoying A DAY AT THE CIRCUS

To buy it, click here.

And here is my other nephew, enjoying ST VIPER'S SCHOOL FOR SUPER VILLAINS - The Big Bank Burglary! 

A great story by Kim Donovan, he just couldn't stop reading!

And you can buy it right here!

Not forgetting I'm still doing Project 365 - which is an illustration a day. So here are the days since my last post. 

Thanks for reading!

7th April 2013

New website home page design, you can see the website in action here!

8th April 2013

The finished book cover for upcoming book LONDON'S ADVENTURES!
 Visit the official website here!

9th April 2013

More sneaky peeks at Dan! 

10th April 2013

Here was a quick sketch of a mascot for a client. 

11th April 2013

A rough mock up for a new project by Evergreen Creations. You will have to wait and see how this one turns out! 

Visit the official website by clicking here.

12th April 2013

Another rough sketch for a client...

13th April 2013

Today I've been working on this;

It's a peek at an upcoming comic!

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Website!

I finally got around to updating my website. 

Hop on over and take a look!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Yoga, Bears and Cornstalks!

This last few weeks have been incredibly busy. As well as moving house I've caught a terrible cold. Getting work finished when you're ill certainly isn't fun! 
However I am pleased to say that I can now show you some of the fantastic projects I've been working on.

Jack and the Cornstalk - by Evergreen Creations

Evergreen Creations partners with the creators of beloved children's characters to help family-friendly venues attract, entertain, educate and inspire their visitors.

Check out their official website here.

26th March 2013

Remember this cute little bear? Well he's going to be the star of his own book! 

27th March 2013

28th March 2013

29th March 2013

This dirty looking guy is Dan! Say hi!

30th March 2013

31st March 2013

1st April 2013

Do you remember Meddy Teddy? Here he is practicing his yoga!

2nd April 2013
3rd April 2013

4th April 2013

5th April 2013

6th April 2013

As you can tell I've been very busy, and it doesn't stop here! I'll be back next Saturday with more illustrations, plus a very special surprise!

Thanks for looking