Monday, 17 June 2013

Charlie's Parents Separate - on Kickstarter.

I was recently asked to provide illustrations for a new project by licensed Mental Health Practitioner and Certified School Councillor Robyn Friend.

This book, 'Charlie's Parent's Separate' is the first book in a series of children's therapeutic books. 

You can find out more of these books on the official site PLAYING THROUGH THERAPY

Robyn is trying to raise some of the costs of making these books through a Kickstarter project - if you're not familiar with Kickstarter it helps people fund their projects through donations - and offer rewards in return. You can visit Robyn's Kickstarter right here, it's not only a great book but for a great cause too!

And watch this space to see more illustrations for this book!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dogs, dancing and dirty letters!

Here's a quick update on Project 365, I still haven't missed a day yet, although it's been tough!

1st June 2013

Here is a peek of a work in progress, can you guess what it is?

2nd June 2013

This is a design for the back of a card using the companies' logo faded and tiled

3rd June 2013

Another very sneaky peek at a nearly finished image, I can't wait to share this one with you!

4th June 2013

Some custom designed lettering for a new book cover!

4th June 2013

Who loves apples?

5th June 2013

A rough sketch for a new book...

Also, a huge happy birthday today to a very good friend - Mr Kilburn!

6th June 2013

You may remember this little bear, his book is nearly finished!

7th June 2013

And a quick peek from another book that's almost finished!


8th June 2013

And today's illustration is re-working an existing illustration

Thanks for looking! 

I have lot's of fun projects to show you when they're finished - so be sure to follow me!