Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dogs, dancing and dirty letters!

Here's a quick update on Project 365, I still haven't missed a day yet, although it's been tough!

1st June 2013

Here is a peek of a work in progress, can you guess what it is?

2nd June 2013

This is a design for the back of a card using the companies' logo faded and tiled

3rd June 2013

Another very sneaky peek at a nearly finished image, I can't wait to share this one with you!

4th June 2013

Some custom designed lettering for a new book cover!

4th June 2013

Who loves apples?

5th June 2013

A rough sketch for a new book...

Also, a huge happy birthday today to a very good friend - Mr Kilburn!

6th June 2013

You may remember this little bear, his book is nearly finished!

7th June 2013

And a quick peek from another book that's almost finished!


8th June 2013

And today's illustration is re-working an existing illustration

Thanks for looking! 

I have lot's of fun projects to show you when they're finished - so be sure to follow me!