Monday, 30 September 2013

The Adventures of Alex!

I recently finished a project working with Rich Twilley from Roughy Toys to illustrate a beautiful book for a great cause. The project deserved more than just a passing mention, so this blog post is to tell you a little bit about Roughy Toys, and what they do! I think you'll be impressed.

Roughy Toys is a company who believe the building blocks of learning start very early and begin with play. Their unique stuffed chimp, Alex, is not your average toy! For every one purchased, one gets sent to a child in need somewhere in the world - bring the joy of play to children who need it most.

You can visit the official website at and find out all about them.

For me, Alex's journey started out in sketches - it took a few tries to get him looking perfect but once we did his adventures truly started!

The story of Alex is an ebook available now - it's a fantastic story about an adventure in a magical hot air balloon - and about how Alex comes to visit children around the world. 

The book is FREE to download on the iPad and only $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle! 

But here's the best bit! You can help Alex reach those children who need him so much, and get your very own Alex!

There's an Indiegogo campaign - for those who aren't sure what that is, the Roughy Toys team are taking contributions towards a goal, in order to put Alex into production! They've already teamed with Toy Industry Foundation to donate amongst a network of over 1,000+ charities worldwide.

Starting at just $5, there's a whole range of donation packages including the toy, shirts and more. Head on over and take a look, read their story and watch their video - and donate!

You can also like them on Facebook!

I am proud to have been part of Alex and the Roughy Toys campaign - now you can too!