Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lion cubs and poppies - plus a FREE Santa Xmas card!

With the run up to Xmas, things have been hectic. I'm happily working away on some fantastic projects - so I thought I'd share a few illustrations with you to give you a look at what I've been doing!

I recently finished a series of illustrations for a book written by Marc Gawley

The book is a bright, fun, rhyming book for young children that will be available to personalise in a variety of names!

This illustration above was created as a sample for a new book - 
It was created in Adobe Photoshop, and the hair was created using custom brushes!

And this cute little girl is the newest addition to Evergreen Creation's Fairy Tale Trail series - you'll be seeing more of her soon!

And finally, I've created a colourful Santa gift card that you can use absolutely free!

Simply print out these 2 pictures below, at the same size, glue them together so the pictures face outwards, fold them in half and there you go! Your very own Santa card that you know nobody else will have this Xmas.

The pictures are best printed onto photo paper, and no bigger than 100%

Have a great Xmas and New Year!

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