Saturday, 26 March 2016

Little Meerkat's BIG PANIC! A book about learning new ways to stay calm, by Jane Evans

Little Meerkat's BIG PANIC!

 A book about learning new ways to stay calm, by Jane Evans

I've been working alongside child trauma parenting specialist and author Jane Evans for some time now, and full disclaimer here, I'm a huge fan! Her expert knowledge has been featured on Channel 5's My Violent Child and for a good reason - she really knows her stuff!

We collaborated on a book together last year called Kit Kitten and the Topsy Turvy Feelings so I was both honoured and excited when she asked me to join the dream team again on Little Meerkat's Big Panic.

This story follows Little Meerkat - a cute but anxious animal who panics when given responsibility. As with all of Jane's books, the story gives children with similar thoughts and feelings a chance to understand why their brain works in the way it does and how they can manage it. The text not only serves as a clear and helpful narrative but also proposes questions for the reader to ponder. 

"Little Meerkat flies into one big panic after waking up to find the whole meerkat gang has disappeared! Luckily, Small Elephant and Mini Monkey stumble across Little Meerkat during the big panic, and offer to help find the missing meerkat gang."

When the books arrived, I was thrilled at just how beautiful they turned out. Jane opts for square hardbacks published by UK based Jessica Kingsley Publishers with great results. They are excellent quality from the front right the way through to the very end and even the simple act of turning the pages felt great!

The story itself can be read by any child - not just those who would benefit from the lessons inside. The characters are cute and fun and each page is packed with questions and adventures accompanied with bright illustrations.

Combining her experience working with children and natural talent for story telling, Jane has created a product which is essential for helping children learn and grow and manage their problems instead of neglecting them, whilst still appealing to the need for a fun, colourful book. 

Want to know more about how the Meerkat brain features in this story? Take a look at Jane's fantastic Ted X Talk where she discusses the role the Meerkat, Elephant and Monkey brain effect us all everyday.

"My great expectation for the future is...

… that we will globally move away from raising children by shaming, bribing and punishing them and only use emotional connection, respect and compassion to teach them." - Jane Evans

If you'd like to find out more about Jane, her work and her writing you can visit her official website and social media.

Little Meerkat's Big Panic is available on Amazon or direct with Jessica Kingsley