Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Illustrating a children's book character from sketch to finish - speed painting

Illustrating a children's book character

 From sketch to finished work - a 4 minute speed painting!

Illustrating is a very personal process and every illustrator will have their own way of doing it. So when I decided to record myself illustrating a new children's book character, I realised it might be a good way of showing my clients exactly how I work and give a little more insight into how the illustrations are created, from initial sketch to the final, finished illustration.

Although this video is only 4 minutes long, the entire process took just under two hours. Phew!

This was my first attempt at making a speed painting, and I didn't quite figure out how to add music or do anything too flashy, but I hope you like it!

For those who would rather not (or don't have the time) to sit through the full video, here's what the final illustration looked like. Cute, isn't he?!