Thursday, 5 November 2015

How To Draw A Cute Christmas Penguin - A Step by Step activity for kids!

How To Draw A Cute Christmas Penguin - Step by Step Guide

A great Christmas themed creative activity for kids!

When I was young, Christmas meant a lot of things; family, school plays and re-runs of The Vicar Of Dibley on the T.V to name a few! But one of the things I looked forward to the most, was sitting down at the family table for hours with a bucket of colouring pencils and a stack of white paper and drawing page after page of Christmas themed pictures. Penguins, reindeer, Santa, Snowmen - you name it, I drew it!

Twenty odd years later, and I'm sitting at my own table with my nephews and nieces doing the very same thing.

This November, I'll be creating four Christmas themed step-by-step guides that you can draw with the children in your family. Try igniting the imagination of children of all ages by helping them draw, and for the younger kids, scroll to the bottom of each guide to download the full picture to print out and colour in!

The first guide is our cute Christmas Penguin! Are you ready?

Step One 

Draw an egg shape with the top cut off

You can use crayons, pens, pencils or even paint!
Draw an egg that is missing the top.

Step Two 

Add a flipper

You can make the flipper point upwards or downwards - do you want him to be waving?

Step Three 

Add another flipper!

Draw another flipper on the other side.
You can make them symmetrical or have this one pointing a different way.

Step Four 

Add a line across the top of the egg

This is going to be his hat

Step Five 

Draw the bottom of the hat

This penguin is wearing a hat like Santa!

Step Six 

Draw a wavy line across the top

Don't worry if your wavy line looks a little different from mine, that's all part of being creative!

Step Seven 

Connect it with a little line

Make sure there are no gaps!

Step Eight 

Add a bobble on the end!

Draw a circle on the end of the hat for your bobble

Step Nine 

Draw a U shape in the middle

Can you guess what this will be?

Step Ten 

Draw a line across the top of your U shape

That's right, it is the penguin's beak!

Step Eleven 

Draw a line either side of the beak

Remember to connect them so there are no gaps.

Step Twelve 

Draw a foot on each side

Try making a W shape for the foot, and connect it to the penguin's body.
You can give him big feet, or little feet - it's up to you!

Step Thirteen 

Add the eyes

Draw two little dots for the penguin's eyes.

Well done! You've just drawn a cute little Christmas penguin. Isn't he great?! 

How about now you try and colour him in?

If you drew a penguin, I' love to see how you did! 
Send a photo of him to and I'll upload your work online!

Keep your eye out for our next Christmas Activity - coming next week!

Here is a large version of the penguin, you can download him, print him out and hand him out to kids to colour in! Just right click and 'Save Picture'

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