Friday, 13 November 2015

How To Draw for Children - A Christmas Reindeer face! (10 simple steps)

How To Draw A Christmas Reindeer face in ten simple steps

A Step by Step Guide for kids!

Last week we drew this cute Christmas penguin;

This week, we're going to draw his friend Rudolph! 

This guide is designed as a step-by-step tutorial that you can use along with your kids. Simply load the blog post, and scroll down - it's not only a great way to keep your children entertained over the Christmas holidays, but it also promotes creativity in children and helps you bond together! 

Kids of all ages can join in, if they're too young to follow the guide there is a free downloadable colour in sheet at the end of the guide for you to print off and use.

Are you ready? 
You will need a piece of paper and your favourite tool - whether that is a pen, pencil, paint or felt tip!
Let's go!

Step One 

Draw a U shape 

Make it wider at the bottom

Step Two 

Attach a circle to the top of the line

Start at the top of your U shape, and leave a little gap at the bottom of the circle. 

Step Three 

Do the same on the other side

Can you guess what these will be?

Step Four 

Make a V shape Make a V shape in the middle of the circles

Step Five 

Add the antlers
You can be creative and design your own antlers! 

Step Six 

Add a big circle in the middle
This will be Rudolph's nose!

Step Seven 

Add a little U shape
This will be Rudolph's mouth. 
You can use your imagination here and make him have a big smile, a sad mouth, 
or even a wobbly line for a mouth! See which one you like best.

Step Eight 

Add two circles
Draw two circles inside Rudolph's ears

Step Nine 

Add two little dots
These will be Rudolph's eyes - so add them just above his nose, at either side

Step Ten 

One more line
Finally, add one line that connects the ears in the middle to complete your face.

Well done! You've just drawn Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer's face! Did you have fun?

Now you can colour in your picture, and give it to someone you love this Christmas.

If you used this guide, I' love to see how you did! 
Send a photo of him to and I'll upload your work online!

Here is a large version of the Reindeer face, you can download him, print him out and hand him out to kids to colour in! Just right click and 'Save Picture'

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